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About Us
Loyalty360 is the unbiased, objective, and market-driven association for customer loyalty, which seeks to enable and encourage dialogue among industry leaders. From our introductory individual memberships to our top Premium tier, our members are provided with the exposure, certification, and exclusive content they need to continue their path to true customer centricity.

Who We Are

Through a unique blend of content, collaboration, and diverse learning opportunities, we've created a network of brands and technology providers that represent some of the best voices that the customer loyalty industry has to offer. These relationships help us understand the cutting-edge tools, technologies, platforms, and strategic services that are allowing marketers to build authentic customer connections and earn long-term loyalty.
  • Membership
    Members are listed in our website directory, and are welcome to use our official logo as a way to show their commitment to building customer loyalty.
  • Education
    Webinars, case studies, thought leadership podcasts, and past conference sessions are just a few of the educational opportunities available to members of Loyalty360.
  • Certification & Training
    As the association for customer loyalty, Loyalty360 is working to create a series of standardizations and measurements regarding definitions, metrics, best practices, training procedures, and continuing education processes to allow brands to facilitate and enhance stakeholder engagement with consumers, employees and executives.
  • Networking
    Meet and share insight with some of the top innovators in the customer loyalty space, thanks to the networking opportunities found at Loyalty Expo, Experience & Engagement Expo, and our new Loyalty360 Local Events.
  • Analyst Reports
    Members will enjoy the full support of our internal analysts, who will prepare unique reports based on an in-depth and objective review of each member's core competencies.
  • Research & Reports
    In addition to facilitating conversation among members, Loyalty360 prides itself as a source for research regarding the state (and future) of customer loyalty and customer experience.
  • Resources
    Members gain access to a plethora of valuable Loyalty360 resources, including our Resume Bank, Job Board, and Find a Partner sections.
  • Exclusive Content
    Exclusive interviews with top brand executives form the backbone of Loyalty360's member-only content. This insight can't be found anywhere else, and explores the concept of customer experience & loyalty directly from the perspective of those that are driving the market forward.
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