The Misalignment of Loyalty
May 23, 2017 Register Now

Loyalty is broadly misunderstood today. Most brands think of it as a compromise - a little haircut on their margin in exchange for a way to identify the customer. But then what? Once we can identify a customer, we enroll them in a one-size-fits-all program. We’ve lost the customer in the quest for customer loyalty. Through the lens of one retailer's success, we’ll reveal a new look at loyalty programs designed for the entire customer lifecycle. 

Jenna Flateman Posner, SVP, Strategy, Clutch

Jenna has been in the digital the digital world for over a decade, working with companies including Getty Images, LevelUp, Curalate and now Clutch.  Jenna is the driving force behind Strategic Partnerships for Clutch, the premier loyalty, rewards, gifting and mobile commerce platform for consumer-focused retailers and brands. Clutch works with consumer-focused brands worldwide to unify their consumer touch-points including online, in-store, social, and mobile channels, while powering dynamic gift, stored value and loyalty programs. As the database of record,Clutch converts data into actionable consumer insights to drive marketing and operational decisions.

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