Everyone Agrees, So Why Are We Not Customer Centric?

Lior Arussy , Strativity Group | October 11 2017

You did everything by the book. You attended Forrester’s conferences about customer experience, you joined the trade association and read countless books and reports on the topic. Then you.


The CX Conundrum for B2B2C Organizations

Stacey Nevel , Confirmit | October 05 2017

There’s often a lot of focus on Customer Experience (CX) in industries like retail, banking and hospitality. This means lots of talk about the experience in store or similar, and in dealing.


The Agency of the Future: Lessons from Ocean's 11

Lauren Pietersen , HelloWorld | October 03 2017

What happens when Danny Ocean teams up with Rusty, Linus, Frank and six other criminal geniuses to rob a casino (or three)? As each player brings a key skill to the table, the dynamic network of.


Why Your B2B Company Needs a Loyalty Program

The CrowdTwist Team , CrowdTwist | October 03 2017

Loyalty initiatives have been traditionally considered a better fit in the B2C rather than B2B space. With long, complex sales cycles and buyers that aren’t as responsive to discounts and.


Personal Data: More Than a Commodity

Leonard Murphy , Virtual Incentives | September 29 2017

If personal data is the “new oil” of tomorrow, it needs to be treated as such. We should start viewing it as a precious resource and develop a new way to incentivize and reward.


Enhance Your Mobile Strategy with a Mobile Wallet

Jeremy Levin , Clutch | September 28 2017

As much as I hate to admit it, my phone is an extension of myself.  It's on me at all times, and gets juggled around while I do my daily activities - commuting, relaxing, working out and of.


It’s Not a Lack of Data; It’s a Lack of Action. Rethinking Research

Lior Arussy , Strativity Group | September 28 2017

Here is a simple exercise. Go to your Business Analytics team or Market Intelligence Director, and ask them how many ideas or improvements their research work has produced in the last 36 months. Then.


4 Tips to Drive Store Traffic with Mobile Coupons this Holiday Season

Dan Slavin , CodeBroker | September 27 2017

The holiday season is the biggest time of the year for retailers and can account for as much as 30% or more of a retailer’s annual sales, according to the National Retail Federation. It’s.


To Remain Competitive, You Must Provide a Great Customer Experience

Gaston Hummel , Pitney Bowes | September 26 2017

How would your customer satisfaction scores increase if you could effectively help customers immediately, regardless of the number of inquiries?  Is this a pipe dream, the promise of bots.


Connecting Brands and People through Loyalty Programs

Theresa McEndree , Blackhawk Network | September 22 2017

Fast-changing media, ecommerce and constantly-connected consumers are among the reasons that building and keeping customer loyalty is one of the major challenges marketers are currently facing. New.

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