Cleaning Up in the Home Care Industry

The Snipp Team , Snipp | July 19 2018

IT’S A WHOLE NEW GAME in consumer packaged goods as brand loyalty is taking a backseat to price and convenience.Cleaning products, however, are dealing with additional pressures from informed.

Lack of Convenience and Simplicity Deters Half of Consumers from Joining Loyalty Programs

The Kobie Marketing Team , Kobie Marketing | July 19 2018

Half of consumers are deterred from joining loyalty programs, according to a newly released study from Kobie Marketing. When asked what barriers prevent them from joining a program, 26 percent.

Want to Increase Engagement? Mix Business with Pleasure

Jeff Caplan , 89 Degrees | July 19 2018

Today our carefully crafted sentences, our relevant offers, our perfect hero images often at best get a quick once over before being dispatched by the delete key. The recipients of these carefully.

People and Culture are Your Only Sustainable Business Advantage

Bob Macdonald , Bond Brand Loyalty | July 13 2018

As I look back over the past four years to when we launched Bond and began our separation from a U.S. holding company, I’m amazed, and so proud of our team and what we’ve accomplished to.

Three Loyalty Program Challenges and How Loyalty Marketers Can Overcome Them

Sara Hogan , HelloWorld, A Merkle Company | July 13 2018

“This post is authored by Sara Hogan of Merkle in partnership with HelloWorld, a Merkle Company.”  It’s a challenging time for loyalty marketers. Not only must they grapple.

Encouraging Loyalty by Having a Social Mission

The Xenial Team , Xenial | July 12 2018

Beyond selling products or services, having your business get behind a social mission can garner customer loyalty and nourish your community and the lives of you and your staff.   A business.

How Data Scientists Are Wasting Their Time

Abhi Yadav , ZyloTech | July 11 2018

Today’s definition of what most companies want in a data scientist seems to be something akin to a superhero. Companies are looking for a regular Mister Fantastic (the Marvel Comics.

The Rewards Your Loyalty Members Want You to Offer

Laura Cox , Hawk Incentives | July 06 2018

It’s harder than ever to keep members engaged with loyalty programs. According to our new Hawk Incentives research, respondents belong to an average of 6.2 programs, but consider themselves.

How Machine Learning Supports Social Media Mining

The Comarch Team , Comarch | July 05 2018

Information is key, especially in business. Without appropriate knowledge, marketing teams would have difficulties to address the actual needs and requirements of any given target group. This is.