How to Win Back Customers who Leave Negative Online Comments and Reviews

By The Xenial Customer Engagement Team , Xenial | February 21 2018

It takes twice as much work to earn a new customer as it does to please an existing one, so don’t let one bad experience spell the end of a good customer relationship. If you think online.


How Does Your Loyalty Solution Stack Up?

Ken Greer, CMO, Augeo and Infographic Design by: Fue Yang and Kristin Spickerman , Augeo Marketing | February 19 2018

Loyalty benchmarks can help shape your strategy through a new lens.If we have learned anything in 18+ years of providing loyalty and engagement solutions across many industries, including financial.


Fresh Perspectives: Lessons You Can Learn from Online Reviews of Your Restaurant

The Xenial Customer Engagement Team , Xenial | February 16 2018

Winston Churchill once said, “There is no such thing as public opinion. There is only published opinion.” Back then he wasn’t referring to online restaurant reviews, but his words.


Manage Your Social Reputation (or it Will Manage You)

The Xenial Customer Engagement Team , Xenial | February 14 2018

Marketing experts regularly promote the fact (and rightly so) that in order to survive, your restaurant or other business must have a website, Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram feed (and.


Don’t underestimate the power of SMS for your loyalty program

Dan Slavin , CodeBroker | February 08 2018

Text messages can help you acquire and engage loyalty program members Getting people to join your loyalty program and keeping them engaged is a challenge, but with the rise of smartphones there are.


Approaching Consumer-Facing Programs: Asking the Right Questions to Deliver Maximum Impact

The W. Capra Consulting Group Team , W. Capra Consulting Group | February 05 2018

Earlier this year on CAPRAplus we discussed ensuring that the wants and needs of the consumer are put first when developing any consumer engagement program by asking the question, “Do my.


Racing Toward Mobile Payments

Ken Greer, CMO , Augeo Marketing | February 01 2018

Loyalty programs help drive mobile wallet adoptionI was speaking with a venture investor friend of mine recently who reminded me that predicting the future is not really that difficult. The challenge.


Co-Creation: Loyalty Marketing's Big Secret

Scott Lehner , Kobie Marketing | February 01 2018

Loyalty marketers are always looking for an edge that can push their loyalty efforts over the top. Success has been found in programmatic efforts that build customer reciprocity and status, or.


Why You Should Care about (and Care for) Your Company’s Social Media Reputation

Ann Olinger , Xenial | January 31 2018

If you are like most people, you thoroughly check out a business or a product online before you lay down your hard-earned money. Before the advent of online reviews, we would typically talk with.