Marketing Evolution: From Personalization to Individualization

Bernard Chung , SAP | September 20 2018

Personalization. Personalization. Personalization.“Be sure to personalize the content you create and send to customers.” We’ve heard it time and time again. But it is 2018 now, and.

Loyalty + Wearables

Joe Doran , Persuade Loyalty | September 19 2018

Don't want to read the blog? No worries! Listen to our podcast. With the advent of the Apple Watch, Google Wear, Fitbit and other wearables - the trend has mainly been toward fitness. However.

Ignite 2018 Conference at UMN will Focus on Protecting Trust in Today’s Consumer Journey

The YA Engage Team , YA|Engage | September 19 2018

Speaker lineup combines top academic researchers with corporate leaders including Wells Fargo CMO, Jamie MoldafskyMinneapolis, August 21, 2018 – In today’s business world, there is.

Drive Consistent Personalization Across the Journey

Bernard Chung , SAP | September 19 2018

If your marketing technology landscape looks more like a spaghetti dinner plate, well, you are not alone. For many years, marketing leaders had carte blanche authority to invest in whatever customer.

Navigating the Modern Loyalty Landscape

Peter Lim , Stellar Loyalty | September 12 2018

Navigating the loyalty landscape, a terrain that is always evolving, means constantly being on the lookout for the next big thing. The masterminds of modern loyalty programs are keenly that loyalty.

Re-Invention Drives Loyalty - and Survival - in Our Age of Disruption

Howard Schneider , Kobie Marketing | September 11 2018

Not long ago my colleague, Wendy Culpepper, and I shared a presentation at Kobie’s Annual OnPoint Conference where our focus was on retaining customer loyalty in the age of disruption. We.

Case Study: How to Balance Compliance Demands with Loyalty Program Needs

Suzanne Balter , Janrain | September 10 2018

Adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation and other consumer protection regulations is a challenge tackled by consumer product brands all over the world. How do you follow these guidelines.

4 Quick Wins with Mobile Wallet Marketing

The 3C Interactive Team , 3Cinteractive | September 07 2018

Top ways your brand can capitalize on the opportunity beyond mobile paymentsA significant amount of the hype surrounding mobile wallet is focused on payment capabilities—with.

Kobie's Emotional Loyalty Scoring Tool

The Kobie Marketing Team , Kobie Marketing | September 05 2018

Kobie’s Emotional Loyalty Scoring tool helps brands create an appealing program value proposition for members, optimize program benefits and make campaigns relevant and effective. Tactics such.