Time, Effort & Expertise Impede Personalization

The Baesman Team , Baesman | January 15 2019

Most marketers see data as the primary impediment to targeted marketing -- and with good reason. Data can be unwieldy, challenging to collect and even more difficult to organize across channels.Data.

Loyalty Program Best Practices: Why Brand Values Should Be Part Of The Equation

Peter Lim , Stellar Loyalty | January 14 2019

Modern loyalty programs are built on far more than transactions and points. In fact, a Capgemini study noted that 44 percent of shoppers feel loyalty program rewards are irrelevant. Rather,.

Mind the GAAP- Part 1: New Rules in Loyalty Liability & Revenue Recognition

The Brierley+Partners Team , Brierley+Partners | January 11 2019

Part 1: New Rules in Loyalty Liability & Revenue RecognitionAccounting rarely makes any marketer’s Top 10 list for enthralling must-reads, but if you have a loyalty program, or are.

2018: The Year that CX Made Headlines

Ken Østreng , Confirmit | January 10 2019

For an industry that’s been growing and evolving for years now, I think it’s fair to say that 2018 was the year when the world of Customer Experience was really recognized as a game.

How Packaging Impacts Perception

The Hinda Incentives Team , Hinda | January 09 2019

Incentive experts have always talked about how the presentation an award is just as important as the award itself. In fact, an IRF Study found that 40% – 50% of the reward experience has.

New Year, New Loyalty

Erin Raese, Aimia , Aimia | January 08 2019

The one investment you need to make this year is...Loyalty. Seriously. We're not just being biased here. Read on. Want to personalize? 63% of marketers are struggling with data-driven.

A Better Way to Measure & Improve Customer Experience

Chris Malone , Fidelum Partners | January 07 2019

Three Ways Traditional Customer Experience Measurement Can Damage LoyaltyWhile measuring customer loyalty is relatively easy, improving it is often much harder. Unfortunately, traditional approaches.

4 Signs It’s Time to Migrate to a New Loyalty Platform

Jade McFarland , HTK Limited | January 04 2019

By now, you’ve probably caught wind of some changing perspectives in the loyalty industry.Many businesses are beginning to recognize that transaction-based programs (those that reward customers.

Tribal Marketing – How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

The Snipp Team , Snipp | January 03 2019

When one thinks about marketing segmentation traditionally, we think about breaking down a brand’s target market through demographic traits, behaviors, geographies and psychologies. Yet as we.