A Checklist to Prepare for Digital Fraud this Holiday Season

Melayna Gabiou, Kount , Kount | November 14 2018

It’s an exciting time of year for consumers and businesses alike as they shop to give and receive the perfect gift. Celebrating the joy of record sales during the holiday season is what.

The Next Big Trend: Living in Parallel Universes

Kate Hogenson, Kobie Marketing , Kobie Marketing | November 13 2018

Whenever marketers get together, there will always be conversation about The Next Big Trend – it’s right up there with, “Where’s the open bar?” It’s in.

5 Loyalty Trends That Are Revolutionizing the Industry

Erin Raese , Aimia | November 12 2018

These days, what we think of as “loyalty” is ever-evolving. While the promise of burgeoning tech is catching a lot of the noise for the marketplace, there are underlying strategic tactics.

Capturing the Loyalty of the Skeptical Consumer

The CrowdTwist Team , CrowdTwist | November 09 2018

CrowdTwist recently conducted research into consumer attitudes towards loyalty programs, brand engagement, emerging technologies, and shopping experiences. The research found that only 46% of.

Why an Emotional Connection Matters in Loyalty and How to Achieve It

The CrowdTwist Team , CrowdTwist | November 08 2018

Brands need to know understand what motivates loyalty from their customers. Numerous research studies have identified three main classifications of loyalty, they are: Behavioral loyalty which is.

PullString Converse 2.0: Create Immersive Voice Experiences Powered by Conversational AI

Guillaume Privat, PullString | November 08 2018

Think about your last great conversation. What made it special? Maybe it was the other person. Or maybe it was the fact that the conversation felt natural and was something you could get lost in.

Why eCommerce is a Goldmine for Customer Data Tracking

Albert McKeon, Zylotech , Zylotech | November 07 2018

We recently encouraged companies to take advantage of the lucrative promise of ecommerce. Amazon isn't the only company that can, or should, monetize interactions with customers.Ecommerce is an.

Blockchain Loyalty—Help or Hype?

Maria Pallante, Bond Brand Loyalty , Bond Brand Loyalty | November 06 2018

It’s been close to a decade since blockchain technology surfaced, offering the tech community new possibilities and multiple uses. In our innovation lab, we’ve been exploring blockchain.

So, You Have a Loyalty Program. Now What? How to Find the Right Loyalty Technical Partner

Peter Lim, Stellar Loyalty , Stellar Loyalty | November 05 2018

The “if you build it, they will come” approach may work for baseball fields, but when it comes to loyalty programs, building a solid program is just the first step. Because starting a.