5 Ways Your Loyalty Program Can Give you a Competitive Advantage

Jon Siegal , Stellar Loyalty | April 19 2018

April is International Customer Loyalty Month and what better time to evaluate your own loyalty program? Regardless of your specific vertical — e.g. restaurant, hospitality or retail &mdash.

Loyalty Fraud Cases & Categories for Fraud

Meg Kennedy , Kobie Marketing | April 17 2018

LOYALTY FRAUD – POTENTIAL FOR ABUSE MAKES PROGRAMS VULNERABLEThe loyalty business is booming and with it the size of the prize for fraudsters. In 2012, the estimated value of unredeemed points.

Why Club Programs Work

Kim Otocki , Paytronix | April 16 2018

Club programs enjoy perennial popularity as the foundation of rewards programs. At some point, nearly every person will have had a paper or digital punch card for the club program of a convenience.

Loyalty Program Design: Ignore Customers, Increase Returns

Libby Randolph , Maritz Motivation Solutions | April 13 2018

When speaking with brands on loyalty program strategy, it’s clear companies know they should be utilizing their data and personalizing the user experience, but there is often a barrier of.

An Audience of One: Personalizing Your Marketing

Ann Olinger, Sr. Manager , Xenial | April 13 2018

It’s been said that personalizing your marketing can result in five to eight times the return on your marketing investment, but up until recently, it’s been difficult to achieve.

SMS Marketing – What you need for campaign success

Dan Slavin , CodeBroker | April 12 2018

Choosing the right solution for your SMS marketing platform, while ensuring maximum ROI and boosting sales is not easy. While there is no shortage of text message marketing software programs and.

Attracting the Female Shopper to Your Store

Kim Otocki , Paytronix | April 11 2018

Women are increasingly shopping at convenience stores providing a significant opportunity for c-store operators to capture their interest and generate customer loyalty. In fact, the 2018 Convenience.

This Is Your Golden Ticket to Predictable Customer Growth

Erin Raese , Aimia | April 09 2018

We all want to give our customers the best experience possible. Constantly, we hear marketers prioritizing the customer experience and personalized messaging while staying within budget and seeing.

How to Build Brand Loyalty Today and Tomorrow

Libby Randolph , Maritz Motivation Solutions | April 09 2018

Consumers are human beings first. This is important to keep in mind when you think about building customer loyalty.On the surface, that can be easy to remember, but you’d be surprised how easy.