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Supercharge Your Videos With Interactivity
October 19, 2017

Recording Coming Soon!

Marketing professionals have long known the power of video to capture an audience. With recent advances in technology, loyalty marketers are quickly adapting their video strategies to boost engagement through interactivity.

In this session, interactive video expert Kyle Morton will highlight practical use cases to get you started, including best practices, what’s possible, and how it works with the tools you already use to:

  • Build more effective, video-first user experiences that drive business results and increase lifetime value (LTV)

  • Use meaningful data from interactions to inform and evolve your customer and employee loyalty programs

  • Add greater sophistication to your existing video strategy – in just minutes.

It’s never been easier to transform existing video assets into more engaging and relevant online experiences. Join us October 19, 2017 at 1pm ET to learn more.

Kyle Morton, Chief Product Officer, HapYak Interactive Video

Kyle Morton is Chief Product Officer at HapYak Interactive Video, responsible for leading product strategy and partnerships. A veteran of several successful media tech start-ups, Kyle has more than a decade of experience in search, advertising and Web video. Follow him on Twitter @kyledmorton.

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