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Producing the Best Whiteboard Video for Your Company
September 26, 2017 Register Now

To be presented on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 1PM EDT

Everyone from the United Nations to Twitter uses it to get their ideas across, so you know it has to be good. The term Whiteboard Video describes the recording of any creative story being drawn on a whiteboard. This unique medium has been scientifically proven to communicate ideas and messages in a way that gets people leaning forward and engaging. 

Done right, your concept, pitch, or value prop will leap off the screen and into the hearts and minds of your consumers. Join The Draw Shop co-founder and CEO Summer Felix-Mulder on Tuesday, September 26 at 1pm EDT to find the facts about making sure your whiteboard video acts as a force multiplier for your marketing dollars. The Draw Shop has worked with Twitter, the United Nations, UBER, and thousands of other companies in clarifying and perfecting their message. In this valuable webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • Key considerations to hammer down before approaching the whiteboard-making process, 

  • What types of companies benefit most from whiteboard video, 

  • The science behind what makes a good whiteboard video script, and 

  • Tips on marketing your whiteboard video 

Learn how the best minds share their ideas in a way that’s ultra-engaging and impossible to misunderstand. Join us on Tuesday, September 26 at 1pm EDT to learn more. 

Summer Felix-Mulder, Co-Founder & CEO, The Draw Shop 

Summer Felix
Summer Felix-Mulder is a serial entrepreneur and author dedicated to making the world a better place. At The Draw Shop, attention-holding whiteboard videos are made for the world’s best minds and companies. Summer has been in the marketing arena for decades, holds creative degrees from Pepperdine University and loves writing, momming (is that a verb yet?), and competing in triathlons for some crazy reason.

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