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  • Featured Columnist | March 13, 2017
    Jonathan Adler & Alison Rohrs , Lenati
    Recently, a major retailer asked Lenati to assess its loyalty rewards program, which had first launched in the late 1990’s. By one metric—retention rate—the retailer’s program was still successful. But the program was failing to drive a large share of wallet, and execs... Read More
  • Technology, Trends & Rewards | March 01, 2017
    Tad Fordyce , Epsilon
    Evolving consumer attitudes, desires and technology preferences make it critical for marketers to know how to engage their customers in a compelling, authentic manner.  To sustain growth, brands must create a customer experience that builds long-term loyalty. The advent of Software-as-a... Read More
  • Technology, Trends & Rewards | March 01, 2017
    The Switchfly Marketing Team , Switchfly
    Loyalty programs are a dime a dozen. In fact, the average American household participates in almost 30 different loyalty programs—spanning retail, financial services, travel and other sectors—but is active in fewer than half of these. The upside of loyalty programs is that they... Read More
  • Online Exclusives | March 01, 2017
    Jim Tierney, Loyalty360
    Michael Marino, senior vice president of loyalty and digital at Caesars Entertainment Corporation, enjoys the challenge of creating customer loyalty, great customer experiences, and brand advocates. Achieving any of those estimable things is never easy and one that requires a disciplined... Read More
  • State of the Industry | March 01, 2017
    17.55 million consumers bought new cars in 2016 and as the advancements in technology lead to automotive innovations, the industry continues to propel in growth. But the rise in innovation is creating new factors automotive marketers must consider to drive loyalty to their brand through the... Read More
  • Best Business Practices | March 01, 2017
    Andrew Martin , Metia
    As customers evolve, so must our content strategies. You've heard the saying "The customer is always right." Well, the digital-era version of that might be "The customer is at the center of it all." The demand for content has grown significantly over the last few years... Read More
  • Online Exclusives | March 01, 2017
    Jim Tierney, Loyalty360 , Red Lion Hotels
    Bill Linehan, executive vice president and CMO at Red Lion Hotels Corporation, is excited about the evolution of the company’s Hello Rewards loyalty program. That customer loyalty prioritization certainly shows in RLHC’s Hello Rewards program.  Created in 1959, Red Lion Hotels... Read More
  • Technology, Trends & Rewards | March 01, 2017
    David Mason , Business Systems
    There are many different definitions of customer loyalty. We believe this one says it best:‘Customer loyalty is the result of consistently positive emotional experience, physical attribute-based satisfaction and perceived value of an experience, which includes the product or services’... Read More
  • Online Exclusives | March 01, 2017
    Jim Tierney, Loyalty360
    Based in Holyoke, Mass, and established in 1885, PeoplesBank has seen quite the evolution in customer loyalty and customer behaviors during the past 132 years. Loyalty360 caught up with Sheila King Goodwin, senior vice president, retail banking at PeoplesBank, to find out more about this company... Read More
  • Technology, Trends & Rewards | March 01, 2017
    Misia Tramp , Metia
    Is great customer service really worth the effort? It might seem like a no-brainer, but many businesses struggle with this question. The answer is yes:  loyal customers are satisfied customers. Therefore, succeeding in today's business world requires an intimate understanding of... Read More
  • State of the Industry | March 01, 2017
    Retailers are squandering time, energy, and investment on outdated loyalty models that don’t work. According to a recent Accenture survey, 78 percent of U.S. consumers are retracting from loyalty programs. Most of that withdrawal can be attributed to customers flocking to the most evolved... Read More
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