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  • Best Business Practices | April 03, 2017
    Rob Tate , PossibleNOW
    As any marketer or customer service professional can tell you, the FCC’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has had an enormous impact on their work. That’s because it requires them to obtain “prior express written consent” to call or text consumer cell phones with... Read More
  • Featured Columnist | April 03, 2017
    John Bartold , Epsilon
    You would need to be completely off the grid to be unaware of the rapid evolution of marketing.  While smaller changes have been unfolding over the years, we have recently hit a not-so-subtle tipping point signaling a new era. Marketing, advertising and technology are inextricably linked in... Read More
  • Technology, Trends & Rewards | April 03, 2017
    Don Graumann , Epsilon
    Simplicity is an ally to progress.  Complexity is an enemy to progress.  Customer centric marketing is a fuzzy concept, but it does not need to be complex.  And, if we are responsible marketers, we are pursuing it on some level.  To do that, the journey starts with two simple... Read More
  • State of the Industry | April 03, 2017
    Summer Felix , The Draw Shop
    Customer retention is what your company lives or dies on. Nobody wants to chase new leads without snatching a few golden gooses who lay eggs more than once.   And customer retention is worth it, too. According to the hoity-toity Harvard Business Review, if you can improve customer... Read More
  • Online Exclusives | April 03, 2017
    Jim Tierney, Loyalty360
    One of the core values at La Quinta Inns & Suites is being “unique” and that plays heavily in the brand’s La Quinta Returns loyalty program. For Dave Sims, vice president of loyalty marketing at La Quinta Inns & Suites, revamping the company’s loyalty program was... Read More
  • Technology, Trends & Rewards | April 03, 2017
    Caroline Henley , Columbia University
    How do you make social media a communication priority in an institution that was founded in 1754?   This is the challenge we faced at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies (SPS), a graduate school within one of the oldest and preeminent universities in the United... Read More
  • Online Exclusives | April 03, 2017
    Jim Tierney, Loyalty360
    Customer service might mean different things to different brands. But for VIZIO, its commitment to customer service means everything. “We truly believe our customer service program is a key component when it comes to setting VIZIO apart in the Consumer Electronics landscape,&rdquo... Read More
  • Best Business Practices | April 03, 2017
    Christine Bardwell , Oracle
    When you’ve done everything you can to compete on price or service, and you’ve lowered your operating costs as much as possible, where else can you gain a competitive advantage?   Through customer loyalty.   But consumers today are capricious and so customer loyalty has... Read More
  • Online Exclusives | April 03, 2017
    Jim Tierney, Loyalty360
    The faces that customers first see with any brand can be a make or break experience. Kelly Linstroth, director of marketing & fan insights for the reigning World Series Champion Chicago Cubs, talked to Loyalty360 about how employee loyalty and/or engagement ignite customer loyalty. &ldquo... Read More
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