Officials at Papa Murphy’s, the take ‘n’ bake pizza chain with more than 1,500 locations, always want to re-engage customers with compelling values whenever possible. After partnering with precision marketing company Bridg, Papa Murphy’s identified and segmented actual customers and connected with them via tailored ads on their digital channels, significantly increasing return visits and driving measurable results.

That re-engagement has gone a long way in fostering brand loyalty at Papa Murphy’s.

Through its collaboration with Bridg, Papa Murphy’s delivered highly personalized marketing communications to specific customers via social media channels, resulting in significant and measurable ROI from the targeted segments within just seven days of launching the campaign.  

The campaign leveraged Papa Murphy's point-of-sale data to derive lifecycle insight as well as Bridg’s proprietary technology to identify individual customers and assign historical purchase behavior to each. Bridg segmented customers based on their buying patterns to identify those who had lapsed from their previous individual buying patterns, understanding that this group would have the most imminent and incremental revenue opportunity.

Tim Vu, vice president of digital experience and marketing at Papa Murphy’s, told Loyalty360 that his company continues to look for ways to get customers back in the door.

“And one of the best ways to is to provide them with a compelling value offer,” Vu explained. “Knowing how and when to provide offers can be difficult, especially when such a large percentage of our customers purchase in store. The Bridg platform allows us to do a better job of reaching our customers and provides them with offers that make sense for them.”

Papa Murphy’s started its partnership with Bridg in September 2016.

“The results so far have been positive,” Vu added. “Since using Bridg, we’ve efficiently grown our customer database and we’ve been able to increase purchase frequency. The process is more engaging because we’re providing an offer specific to an individual’s purchasing behavior. We can see that customers who receive offers through Bridg purchase more frequently than those who are not receiving an offer through Bridg.”
Bridg President and COO Mike Bell told Loyalty360 that only 10 percent to 15 percent of customers will ever sign up for a brand’s loyalty program.

“This means many of their most loyal customers never get the benefits of being loyal and the brand never has the chance to create an even better customer where they would have had a great opportunity to do so,” Bell explained. “Bridg identifies every customer, looks at each of them as individuals, and delivers the right kind of marketing for that person across a wide variety of channels. Since Bridg is taking into account a guest’s activity across all channels (POS, online ordering, social media, email, loyalty, etc.), customers will always be getting the most pertinent marketing to their unique and personal lifecycle.”

Bell said that restaurants and retailers powered by Bridg are delivering the cutting-edge of precision marketing, which drives frequency, larger average spends, and a higher probability of promoting the brand to others.

“When a brand delivers timely and accurate marketing, consumers feel understood by the brand and, therefore, connect with it,” Bell said. “If the wrong marketing is delivered, customers will feel misunderstood and seek out other connections.”

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