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Data siloes have become an unfortunate reality of marketing, thanks to the growth of technologies in disparate areas of business. Consequently, building a bridge between these data sources has become a crucial piece of crafting a holistic, insight-driven customer experience. With this in mind, Baesman has built its Loyalty Management Solution (LMS) platform with the specific purpose of creating new perspectives through data collection, processing, and organization.
LMS takes an agnostic approach to implementation, allowing for seamless integration with a client’s existing technology. Additionally, the Baesman team works from the inside out: the loyalty program is designed first, with the LMS crafting a platform around it in order to supplement its needs. This reversed process ensures that the technology fits the loyalty program rather than vice versa, which often results in subpar design.
Once implemented, the platform is built to provide employees with data dashboards that are easily accessed and acted upon in pursuit of positive outcomes. Through these portals, client employees can view KPI metrics and graphs, enroll members, manage profiles, edit purchase histories, add points, merge duplicate accounts, and run reports. Through this data consolidation and user accessibility, Baesman’s LMS platform has proven to be a powerhouse in loyalty analytics.

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