The one essential reward item that virtually no reward providers offer. Walk down a busy street in a major city in almost country in the world. What’s the one thing you’ll always see? People on their mobile phones.

Mobile phones are one of the fastest-growing consumer trends. By 2017, it’s predicted there will be almost 5.3 billion mobile phone users worldwide*. One of the largest market segments in the mobile world is prepaid phone usage … users purchasing credit in advance for their phones and topping up their time as needed.

This may surprise many North Americans where 75% of connections are post-paid on phone contracts. Yet outside of North America, prepaid usage dominates. About 50% of phones are prepaid in Europe, 80% in Latin America and over 95% in Asia Pacific, Africa and emerging countries.**

Prepaid mobile top-up, or recharge as it’s also referred to, represents a multi-billion market worldwide. For companies that want to offer a currency that appeals to 73% of the world’s mobile phones users, Mobile Top-up is the perfect reward solution. It appeals to billions of prepaid phone users, is easy to redeem and essential.

What’s puzzling is that no one has looked to leverage Mobile Top-up as a reward solution; until today!

Global Reward Solutions (GRS®) has pioneered a real time Mobile Top-up solution that is fully integrated into our global rewards platform.

Companies can run their reward program through GRS and provide access to Mobile Top-up within our GRS | Storefront. Or they can simply connect to our Mobile Top-up API’s and start distributing these within their own platform. Mobile Top-up is an ideal reward offer because it’s real time, available globally and can be ordered instantly through the GRS API’s.

Buy time without spending time

With our GRS global rewards platform, companies can now offer their reward program members the option to use their points to redeem for minutes on their mobile accounts. With Mobile Top-up from GRS, you can instantly add minutes to any mobile phone in over 100 countries and from 200 carriers. Members can add minutes to their own phones or send international minutes to family and friends around the world.

There are two types of Mobile top-up: Wireless PIN and Direct Top-up. The method used depends upon the region and the carrier. With Wireless PINS, your member receives a PIN and phone number. They simply call the number and use the PIN to add the minutes to their mobile account. Direct Top-up adds minutes to any phone automatically upon ordering without the use of PINS or calling cards.

At GRS we pride ourselves on delivering the coolest stuff anywhere on the planet. Offering your reward program members the option to redeem for Mobile Top-up is just one more way that we deliver the rewards that people really want.

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