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  • Online Exclusives | May 01, 2017
    Jim Tierney, Loyalty360
    GameStop has built a devout and loyal following over the years, which can be attributed to many reasons, not the least of which is a memorable customer experience that resonates with its core audience. Loyalty360 caught up with Darin Smith, senior director of Powerup Rewards at GameStop, to talk... Read More
  • Best Business Practices | May 01, 2017
    Lauren Gentile , Epsilon
    Loyalty is continuing to emerge as a critical differentiator for brands as each customer interaction deepens the relationship and drives loyalty with the brand. For digital marketers, this means understanding the role of email within this loyalty landscape and how creative and messaging can... Read More
  • Technology, Trends & Rewards | May 01, 2017
    Jonathan Price , Virtual Incentives
    In the post digital age, consumers are in the driver’s seat and your incentives have to flex in the direction of their demands.   Not too long ago, brands disrupted consumer entertainment to promote their products and services. Mass media, retail promotion, direct response, and the... Read More
  • State of the Industry | May 01, 2017
    Domenic Armano , FirstFuel Software
    If you’re planning an update to your digital customer engagement platform, it’s important to cover the technical aspects related to the platform, like data security and systems integration. However, taking an “if you build it, they will come” attitude is a surefire way to... Read More
  • Online Exclusives | May 01, 2017
    Stephanie Linville, director, market intelligence, quality & training, Wheaton World Wide Moving | Bekins Van Lines, believes there is a huge opportunity for her company that ties brand awareness and the customer experience. Linville talked to Loyalty360 about this critical opportunity and... Read More
  • Best Business Practices | May 01, 2017
    Matthew Liebmann , Movio
    It’s time to shatter any lingering stereotypes. Without a doubt, midlife and older moviegoers, particularly those age 50-plus, are a powerful force at the box office. They bolster blockbusters, drive dramas, and create lucrative new niches that don’t rely on major budgets and... Read More
  • Executive Insights | May 01, 2017
    Michael Hannay , Epsilon
    Trust is a fundamental and emotional attribute that consumers look for when selecting an insurance provider. For insurance marketers, fulfilling the expectation of trust is an integral part of setting the foundation for building the customer relationship.  The insurance landscape is growing... Read More
  • Online Exclusives | May 01, 2017
    Diamond Resorts International owns a network of 379 vacation destinations. As a timeshare company, Diamond Resorts International aims to provide the most memorable customer experience possible. Diamond Resorts International CEO Mike Flaskey talked to Loyalty360 about his company’s approach... Read More
  • Featured Columnist | May 01, 2017
    Claudio Ayub ,
    As a vendor, you understand the importance of recognizing your top channel sales performers, but to say this is the only solution to generating results leaves 75 percent of your partner’s sales organization disengaged. Driving overall performance comes when you develop an incentive program... Read More
  • Executive Insights | May 01, 2017
    Summer Felix , The Draw Shop
    Loyalty programs will help get people to like your company, but they won’t make people fall in love with it. What’s the difference? Well, when you like a flower, you pluck it out from the ground, right? When you REALLY like a flower, you water it every day. But when you LOVE a... Read More
  • Online Exclusives | May 01, 2017
    Customer journeys mean something different to various loyalty marketers. Providing a seamless, engaging, and enjoyable customer journey is an ongoing goal and aspiration for loyalty marketers that, if executed correctly, extends brand loyalty. Cory Dolich, senior vice president of business... Read More
  • Executive Insights | May 01, 2017
    The SessionM Team , SessionM
    Many of today’s loyalty programs focus on acquisition--getting as many members to sign up as quickly as possible--but don’t seem to take into consideration how to keep members engaged once that oh-so-brief honeymoon phase is over. In order to retain customers, it’s crucial that... Read More
  • Best Business Practices | May 01, 2017
    Cindy Faust , Aimia
    When designing a loyalty program, it is important to consider your organizations long-term growth plan. Considering long-term growth by incorporating a holistic vision for your business and for your loyalty program, allows you to go beyond the day to day to capitalize on scaling your investment... Read More
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