Three Things to Look for at Shop Talk 2018

Martin Mehalchin , Lenati | March 16 2018

In three short years, Shoptalk, which will draw 8,000 retail professionals to Las Vegas from March 18th to the 21st, has emerged as a giant, must attend retail conference that now rivals the.


Loyalty in The Subscription Model World

Scott Lehner , Kobie Marketing | March 14 2018

Marketers and consumers alike are flocking to subscription-based shopping models. But these businesses face a daunting challenge: maintaining customer loyalty over the long haul.Think about how.


How Hotels Can Increase Revenue And Improve The Guest Experience

Lindsay Bloom , SessionM | March 07 2018

Why are loyalty programs important to hotel chains? They promote guest retention and direct bookings. Almost every major hotel chain has a loyalty program, which means it’s difficult for.


How to Choose a Loyalty Program That’s Right for Your Convenience Store

Kim Otocki , Paytronix | March 06 2018

In case you haven’t already heard, loyalty programs deliver outstanding financial returns to restaurants by motivating guests to visit more often and spend more on each visit. Simply put, if.


How To Motivate Luxury Shoppers To Spend More And More Frequently

Lindsay Bloom , SessionM | March 05 2018

Do loyalty programs work for luxury brands? It’s a fair question. The usual suspects of discounts and coupons don’t exactly scream high-end, but not to worry -- loyalty programs.


4 Steps to Connecting with Social Media Influencers

The Xenial Team , Xenial | March 05 2018

No social media platform has changed restaurants more than Instagram. Have your plates gotten prettier over the years? Do they look just a tad more delicious when they leave the kitchen? Ask your.


How to Motivate Customers To Share Their Data

Rachel Newton , SessionM | March 02 2018

2017 was an ugly year for the consumer.On the heels of data breaches (see: Equifax exposing personal data of 143 million people) and dishonest data scandals (see: Uber paying off hackers to.


What Loyalty Looks Like to Consumers

Gina Fleck, Director of Loyalty at HelloWorld , HelloWorld, A Merkle Company | March 02 2018

As a loyalty marketer, you likely have dozens of metrics and KPIs to help define what loyalty looks like to you. Acquisition, repeat purchase, active members, referrals, redemptions, promotion.


Evolving Omnichannel Loyalty

Rion Haber, Director of Marketing | bLoyal , Bloyal | February 28 2018

“Omni” – from the Latin “Omnis”, or “All”   Much to my daughter’s chagrin, I’ve always been a student of language. Between somewhat.