Shifting Gender Roles in the CPG Customer Experience

  • April 01 2017
  • Resource: Research And Reports

Marketers face a great time of uncertainty. We are now in the midst of a consumer renaissance or even, some might say, a revolution. Brands and marketers are no longer able to rely on established consumer trends, old buying patterns, and...Read More

Marriott Rewards: Loyalty is Greater than Rewards

  • March 15 2017
  • Resource: Research And Reports

Customer loyalty programs were a novelty in the late 1970s. American Airlines broke ground in loyalty marketing by introducing the Advantage Frequent Flyer program. Most loyalty programs have not changed very much since that time. Until a few...Read More

How a Dramatic Digital Transformation Redefined the Customer Experience of Dominos

  • March 01 2017
  • Resource: Research And Reports

It is no secret that many brands are struggling today. Some are struggling to listen to and understand their customers. Some are struggling to connect with customers in relevant and meaningful ways. Still others are struggling to adopt the right...Read More

How the Dallas Cowboys Win Fan Engagement

  • February 15 2017
  • Resource: Research And Reports

Not long ago, most marketing efforts were confined to a relatively small quadrant of people’s lives. Mass media, marketing, and advertising freely span television and radio broadcasts as well as other forms of omnipresent marketing such as...Read More

How the Art of Storytelling Shapes Digital Customer Engagement

  • February 01 2017
  • Resource: Research And Reports

Marketing has evolved. No longer can brands send out generic messages designed for a mass audience and then simply wait for consumers to magically engage with a product or service. Now, real-time social and digital communications, combined with...Read More

The Dynamics Behind Personalized Video: How Mutual of Enumclaw Established an Audience of One

  • January 15 2017
  • Resource: Research And Reports

To combat the fractured attention span and dwindling customer loyalty levels among modern consumers, many brands are increasingly turning to digital customer engagement strategies. Since new technologies are continually changing the way that...Read More

How Meineke Drives the Right Message to the Right Customer at the Right Time

  • January 01 2017
  • Resource: Research And Reports

Consumers spend more and more of their lives in the digital sphere. Because of this, a deluge of online promotions, product reviews, banner ads, and varied advertising maneuvers is becoming so commonplace that most marketing efforts are rendered...Read More

How SOL REPUBLIC Built a Lifestyle Brand that Inspires Authentic Brand Loyalty

  • December 15 2016
  • Resource: Research And Reports

Like many industries, the consumer electronics market is fiercely competitive. A seemingly infinite array of devices including smartphones, digital cameras, televisions, DVDs, tablets, wearable fitness devices, and many more are constantly...Read More

How Heathrow Rewards Attains Multi-vendor Customer Loyalty

  • December 01 2016
  • Resource: Research And Reports

Up until very recently, London Heathrow was the busiest international airport in the world. Owned and operated by Heathrow Airport Holdings, it covers an impressively expansive 12.14 square kilometers and manages over 74 million passengers...Read More

The Art of the Possible: How AT&T Aligns Internal and External Customer Experience Alignment

  • November 15 2016
  • Resource: Research And Reports

It now seems odd to think that, not long ago the term “customer-centricity” barely existed in the marketing lexicon. The customers themselves, of course, were always significant, but typically only as ends to a means. As long as these...Read More

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