Having a customer eagerly engage with a digital advertisement can sometimes feel like an artifact from a bygone era. With so many ads flooding the electronic space, most consumers have learned to tune them out or, even more commonly, simply downloaded an ad blocker to ensure they never see them in the first place.
Finding ways to continue reaching these customers has become a driving force behind countless campaigns in recent years, and digital marketing platform Wayin has created a tool necessary for engaging these shoppers through interactive, meaningful experiences.
In an upcoming April 4th webinar, Wayin will be sharing best practices for the acquisition and retention of these shoppers, developed over the course of Wayin’s work with brands including Microsoft, Coca Cola, and Universal. The webinar, titled “How To Drive Loyalty Through Interactive Digital Experiences,” will focus on how companies can cut through the static of today’s saturated digital advertising space with marketing campaigns that are effective and, perhaps more importantly, simple to implement and operate.
Register now to join Richard Jones, CEO of Wayin, for an insightful look at the new age of digital engagement at 1pm on Tuesday, April 4th.
About Wayin
Wayin provides a self-service marketing platform that enables some of the world’s biggest brands and publishers to create authentic, interactive campaign experiences that engage and activate consumers across all digital channels. Wayin services more than 300 brands across 80 countries and 10 industries including leaders like Vodafone, Bauer Media, Microsoft, Discovery Channel, Coca Cola and Universal.

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