Brands are quickly discovering that we live (and shop) in an age of recognition, yet according to the 2016 Bond Loyalty Report, only 20% of members say that they feel special and recognized. Loyal customers expect to be treated differently than the rest of the shopping masses, but many organizations are simply finding themselves unequipped to provide this level of distinction.
This is the topic of “The CX Payoff: How to Get the Most Out of Your Most Important Customers,” a Loyalty360-powered webinar presented by Bond Brand Loyalty. Delivering the September 15th webinar from Bond will be Morana Bakula, Director of Customer Experience, and Scott Robinson, VP of Loyalty Solutions. Joining Bakula and Robinson will be Kerry Bodine, Co-Author of Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business. Together, these three will walk attendees through the necessary steps to design, implement, and maintain the right customer experience for a brand’s top customers.
Many brands focus on the program only; focusing on tiers, status, communications, and ease of redemption. All critically important, but these same organizations under-index on the experience a member has when they interact with the representative of a brand. By building a differentiated experience, companies find that their most valuable customers are more engaged, more likely to continue the brand relationship, will spend more with the brand, and say good things about the brand.
Marketers everywhere agree that engaging and recognizing top customers is a key practice in creating stronger and more profitable relationships. “The CX Payoff: How to Get the Most Out of Your Most Important Customers” from Bond Brand Loyalty may be the resource your organization needs to finally click with those who matter most.
Join us on September 15th, at 1pm ET by registering online at this link.

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