Top beauty brand Lancôme is taking its digital customer experience to a new high through a partnership with Edgecase Product Intelligence Platform. In a consumer landscape that demands immediacy, online storefronts are tasked with giving customers exactly what they’re looking for, at (or even before) the moment they search for it.
The platform will allow Lancôme to interpret a shopper’s online vocabulary and match them with a product that is relevant and unique to their preferences. This level of personalization is on the cutting edge of 1-to-1 marketing, and will enable the brand to replicate the in-store experience online.
“This partnership is particularly exciting for us because Lancôme is a brand that is deeply invested in creating a unique and empowering experience for their shoppers,” Edgecase CEO Susanne Bowen told Loyalty360. “With this announcement, we’re showcasing a solution that improves product findability and relevancy, driving digital commerce growth. The Edgecase Product Intelligence Platform provides both strategic product data insights and the automation tools that empower ecommerce leaders, like Lancôme, to enrich their product data in a scalable way.”
The improved online navigation features will bolster a customer experience that Lancôme has been building since its founding more than 80 years ago. Most impressive is the balance that the brand struck between the historic identity that is so valuable in the beauty industry, with the constant innovation found in moves like the Edgecase collaboration.
“The Lancôme brand represents many things, but most important is our beauty enthusiast. We are constantly looking for ways to ensure we align our shopping experiences with our customers’ needs, particularly when it comes to our online store,” said Kristopher Jean, Director of Digital Strategy and Ecommerce, Lancôme. “In partnering with Edgecase, we are able bridge the gap between what our shoppers are looking for and what they find because we’re armed with rich product data that better describes our products, in a language they understand.”
Brand loyalty is a vital component in the cosmetics vertical, as satisfied customers often become lifelong advocates of the product. By creating relevant and timely online experiences, Lancôme hopes to leverage the extraordinary convenience of shopping from home to create a strong addition to the already strong brand identity.

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