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GreenTree Inn’s GiveBack Rewards Loyalty Program Offers Innovative Value

In hospitality, loyalty programs are a dime a dozen. What was once a differentiating factor, rewarding customers for loyalty is now little more than a baseline expectation. With hotel groups around the world now looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd, GreenTree Inn has put forth one of the most innovative value propositions yet, in the form of its GiveBack Rewards loyalty program.
Alongside its traditional catalog of perks, including special offers, discounted rates, and early check-in, members of the program earn a very unique reward: a sizable rebate on stays. At year end, members of GiveBack rewards will receive cash back at a 3% rate. This rebate can also be used for a charitable donation or GreenTree credit. By receiving credit in lieu of cash, the rate of return increases to 5 percent.
“With the abundance of loyalty programs available to hotel guests, GreenTree Inn wanted to offer something unique, meaningful and useful to its guests while providing a way to differentiate itself within the marketplace. With a pay-to-play model, guests will receive cash-back at the end of each year. Additional benefits include special member-only rates and waived hotel service fees; which is an added incentive for our guests,” shared Amanda Saye, marketing manager.
GreenTree boasts a portfolio of more than 2600 hotels worldwide, which places it 14th among global hotel brands in terms of size. By adopting this unique value proposition, the company has shown that it’s not opposed to embracing a disruptor mindset in spite of its size. This positioning has proven effective for brands like Domino’s, whose strategy provides a stark contrast to a majority of market leaders that are simply content to stay the proven course and maintain traditional CX at the cost of innovation. GreenTree’s loyalty program is a breath of fresh air in the hospitality loyalty space and one that others in the market will be forced to take a look at when moving forward.

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