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Customer Loyalty Mainstay Excentus Turns Sights to New Industry

Already a respected name in customer loyalty, Excentus is ready to tackle a new challenge.
The company announced last week that it would add the C-store vertical to its portfolio of loyalty solutions, its first such expansion since launching the popular Fuel Rewards program in 2012.
“In moving into C-store, we need to consider the differences in customer behaviors,” Excentus President and CEO Brandon Logsdon said during a conversation with Loyalty360. “Because convenience store goods aren’t a necessity like fuel, we’re able to observe a much more diverse set of buying behaviors. From there, it was all about finding ways in which a loyalty program can best drive these purchasing trends.”
A primary focus for the new solution is ease of implementation. Through a partnership with Verifone, Excentus has added punch-card functionality to bolster the C-store expansion.
“One thing we wanted to make sure of is that the program is very easy to set up and get moving for smaller stores that may not have the usual technological power.”
Added James Hervey, director of product management for Verifone: “A big part of the partnership is connecting with our existing POS platform, which is easy to turn on and operate. We see that kind of operator experience as a huge differentiator.”
Beyond driving customer engagement, the solution will open up CRM possibilities for the vast number of smaller convenience stores that, up until now, haven’t had access to the systems necessary for tracking and understanding consumer behavior. What’s more, these stores will now enjoy the capability to engage customers on a 1:1 basis, sending notifications and offers based on their recognized tendencies.
By leveraging the Verifone collaboration, Excentus seems primed to take the C-store industry by storm with a solution that is simple to implement, effective in managing CRM analysis, and informed by years of experience in fuel loyalty.
While the expansion is, undoubtedly, a massive move for Excentus, Logsdon sees it as just the beginning of what is sure to be a powerful tool for years to come.
“This partnership is about more than just providing a framework for the loyalty program,” Logsdon said. “It’s about engaging customers with a series of relevant touch points throughout their journey with the brand, and I think that sets us apart.”

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