• Next Generation Loyalty

    In my last article, I shared the perspective of how loyalty is no longer a program.  It’s a way of doing business that’s engrained in brand culture. Today’s marketer understands the need to combine the powerful efforts of both strategy and technology to offer a unique and... Read More

  • Acxiom TV Targets Personalized and Digitized Customer Engagement

    When a medium becomes digital, it becomes addressable at the household level, and then it becomes a growth market for Acxiom. That is according to Rick Erwin, president and general manager of Acxiom Audience Solutions. Targeting personalized and digitized customer engagement is at the heart... Read More

  • FIS Global Q&A: Loyalty Solutions Custom Built for Every Brand

    FIS Global designs and integrates successful customer loyalty programs for financial organizations and major retailers. From the initial design phase and implementation, to ongoing consultation and rewards-based services, FIS Global offers a full suite of both fully custom and turnkey customer... Read More

  • Wining and Dining Millennials: How Restaurants Can Win the Customer Loyalty of a New Generation

    Millennials are one of the most sought after demographics by both brands and marketers today. Because these individuals will soon pass the baby boomers as the largest representative age group in America, they are catching the eye of customer experience and loyalty marketers from almost every... Read More

  • Viewbix Brings Intelligent Customer Engagement to Video Marketing

    Not long ago, video was relegated to a relatively confined area of the marketing landscape. Video has certainly always played a major marketing role throughout the broadcast media, but beyond that, its reach was, historically speaking, somewhat limited. But now the ubiquitous and mass cultural... Read More

  • Video Adds New Dimensions to Customer Experience Feedback

    Truly listening to and understanding what their customers are saying is one of the most enduring challenges for brands. New channels of engagement and changing customer habits are combining with rapidly developing technologies to give people more choice and power than ever. But this is also... Read More

  • Publicis Outwits Contemporary Customer Experience Problems

    The sheer amount of noise that crackles throughout and across our growing network of digital, social, and traditional channels is almost deafening. Marketers are facing this growing challenge by trying to create innovative customer engagement strategies that somehow cut through the clutter. It is... Read More

  • Enterprise Customer-Centricity From The Inside-Out: Gauging The Impact of Emotion-Based Employee Ambassadorship Behavior Drivers

    As reported on the front page of a recent issue of USA Today, a key finding of the 2015 Spherion Emerging Workforce Study (Spherion/Harris) was that 93% of the execs of U.S. companies surveyed believe their employees are important vocal and attitudinal ambassadors for the brand and... Read More

  • Understanding Customer Needs Creates Loyalty

    Have you ever received a promotional offer to purchase a new car after you made a new vehicle purchase?  Or, what about receiving information on a furniture item sale when you just made multiple furniture purchases for your new home?  This common occurrence hurts consumers&rsquo... Read More

  • A Shared Values System Powers Commitment to Superb Customer Experience at Publix

    Every brand wants to have an internal culture that extolls shared values that permeate the entire company and the entire customer experience. That’s what exists at Publix Super Markets.Catering to and exceeding customer needs and expectations have evolved, and Publix has evolved along with... Read More

  • Video Feedback Adds New Dimensions to Customer Experience Feedback

    Truly listening to and understanding what their customers are saying is one of the most enduring challenges for brands. New channels of engagement and changing customer habits have combined with rapidly developing technologies to give people more choice and power than ever. But this also makes it... Read More

  • Five Reasons Why CrowdTwist Is A Leader in The Forrester Loyalty Wave

    Loyalty is changing rapidly and becoming far more crucial to brands. According to Forrester, 82 percent of global marketers are making loyalty a top priority in the next year. The only way to achieve true loyalty in today’s environment is through multichannel loyalty and engagement programs... Read More

  • Former Delta Air Lines Social Manager Talks About the Power of Customer Engagement

    Former Delta Air Lines customer service executive Jerry Fletcher knows a little something about the power of social media, evidenced by the fact that he helped Delta become the only North American airline to achieve the J.D. Power Call Center certification for two years running.Fletcher joined... Read More

  • TouchCommerce Overcomes the Customer Engagement Challenges of Omni-channel Integration

    Most brands face a tidal wave of mounting customer engagement challenges today. As many traditional marketing practices collide with new innovative technologies, many organizations are left wondering where to turn and how to proceed. Factors such as digital disruption, exponentially increasing... Read More

  • SpinGo Leads the Way for Digital Customer Engagement and Event Marketing

    Customer engagement is difficult for all marketers now. Digital disruption has fractured attention spans and the market is flooded to such a degree that consumer choices are almost infinite. Providing a customer experience that cuts through the noise is one of the biggest challenges that every... Read More

  • PARTNERS+simons Survey Reveals That Americans Trust Dr. Oz More Than Six of The Top Presidential Candidates

    The media is seemingly fixated on stories regarding businesses and organizations that betray the consumer’s trust, and in our current world of social media, a brand’s reliability can be challenged by a single unfortunate customer experience. Because of these (and many other) factors... Read More

  • How IoT Technology Can Help Increase Your Revenue

    As consumers we have come to expect access to the information we want at the exact moment we want it. We don’t want to even think about searching for it. If it could just magically appear, self-automated in front of us, that would make life better. This is where the Internet of Things (IoT)... Read More

  • Cashing In On Gift Cards: Three Trends to Keep in Mind

    The gift card is a powerful retail tool for any business looking to grow its sales. In the past year alone, three-fourths of consumers bought or received a traditional plastic gift card. But did you know that this retail tool becomes even stronger when a loyalty program is linked to it? When... Read More

  • 6 Tips for Making Your NPS Score More Meaningful

    Introduced in the Harvard Business Review in 2003, NPS, or Net Promoter Score, has become the industry standard for gauging customer loyalty. NPS is appealing because it provides one consistent scale to measure sentiment over time. However, aside from acting as a badge of honor (and sometimes a... Read More

  • Three Imperatives to Win Over Millennial Customers

    There are 80 million millennials in the US alone spending $600 billion a year, projected to grow to $1.4 trillion by 2020, according to Accenture. How do you get the lion’s share of this market through better customer engagement? You have to act on these three imperatives:1) Get... Read More

  • Ways to Avoid a Holiday Marketing Catastrophe in 2016

    With the holiday rush in the rear-view mirror, brick-and-mortar and online retailers alike are now assessing their end-of-year performance, and many won’t like what they see. Last year, savvy merchants rolled out multichannel strategies to drive in-store foot traffic and capture online... Read More

  • Using Clean Data to Deliver a Great Customer Experience

    The ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience unquestionably gives companies a competitive advantage. That’s why businesses across virtually all industry sectors are paying more attention to customer reviews, assessing their Net Promoter Scores and scrambling to find new ways to... Read More

  • Why A Well-Built Brand is Important To Current & Potential Customers: 4 Points to Consider

    Think about the brands you like, whether they are a product, a service, or the local bar. What is it about them that you like? I bet a lot of the reasons have to do with a good customer experience you had with that brand.People begin to associate brands with the customer experiences they have had... Read More